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Virtuemart to point for AUP

Order amount to points plugin for Alpha User Points. Allows customers to earn alpha points from virtuemart orders.
Included in the Reward Points Extension
Available only for alphaUserPoints and j2.5/vm2.x
virtuemart plugin, rewards points, points from orderPlugin Virtuemart rewards points

Sales price: 19,00 €

You can buy it for 17€ with 2 points discount (see demo page)

Please attention:

Required Joomla 1.7/2.5 - Virtuemart 2 - AlphaUserPoints

How to use / about the licence:

Virtuemart rewards points plugin for joomla is released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, version 3More info about license here.

What is it?

Virtuemart to points plugin for Alpha User Points enables earning points from virtuemart orders to alpha user points, with more than one rule, to enable multi-email (one for each rule) in alpha user points. You can finally retain customers with a rewards program and a reward points system. Virtuemart rewards points plugin comes with 5 rules for alpha user points component to enable:

  • Assign loyalty points to your client based on total order
  • Decide the currency points ratio 
  • Decide whether to use the decimal or round scores (for percentual of total order)
  • Decide whether to award loyalty points based on net price or price with VAT
  • Decide whether to assign award points when transaction status is "Confirmed" or "Shipped"
  • Place fixed awards points bonus for each order (optional)
  • Place random loyalties points bonus for each order (optional)
  • Exclude one or more payment system to promote a specific payment (optional)
  • Decide how many orders a single customer needs to place in order to reach an extra awards point bonus (optional)
  • Give a special loyalty point bonus everytime the shop reaches a certain amount of shipped (or confirmed) orders. (optional)

Software required:


  • zip archive with plg_vmalpharewardspoints 1.0
  • Five alphauserpoints rules to enable Virtuemmart fidelity rewards program (functions list above).



Sunday, 06 January 2013
That was intriguing. I love your quality that you put into your work.