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Virtuemart alpha rewards points | by Anteprima Sas

If you need more information, please contact us. Remember to check the documentation page before. If you need simply support (configuration, questions) remember to write what extension you purchased and what is your system.

If you need hard support (extension gives errors) it's quite always a problem of system - joomla jUpgrade issues or virtuemart. So, in the 2013, we wasted thousand free hours only to find problems not related with our work.

So in the 2014 we decided - if someone has these kind of problem - we need a ZIP file of the entire website (exluding the IMAGE folder) and a zip file of the mySql .SQL file of their database.
We will perform support ONLY on local system (no more live) and ONLY to make reward points to work in that system. We WILL NOT perform upgrading, customizations on other extensions.

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