Welcome to the demo of Credit Points Plugin for Virtuemart Reward Points 3

In this demo you can buy photos and other medias only by credits. So you have to buy credits to buy medias.

You can buy credits, the "money" payments are demo, you have not really to pay or spend money!

In this demo website, the "money" payments are not real, they only are needed to buy credits and to show you as credits can be purchased only with "regular" payments. They will confirm your order instantly, without taking you to paypal!

Some demo features to try: when you purchase medias or credits the system switches automatically from showing credits and euro currency and from selectiong credit as payment or let  free the other "regular" two, based on money. When you fill the cart with photos and then you decide to buy credits, it saves the cart and you can restore merging the old to the new (even if empty) with the toolbar module. More features to try here...

This demo website is made only with Joomla 3.x, Virtuemart 3.x, Reward Points 3 (required) and Credit Points Plugin.