• A) Add a regular product in the cart
  • B) Check the cart. It should show the currency in credits.
  • C) Now go in the "buy credits" and add them in the cart and check.
  • D) Check the cart. It should show the message "cart saved" and the currency in money. Also it should enable the "Ugrade cart with saved". You can click the "Upgrade cart with saved" and it should restore the last cart.E) Now go in a regular product different from before and add it to the cart.
  • F) Return on the cart. (In the process, check that credit points payment is auto-selected and auto-deselected - see "main configuration" at point 5). Again, click the "Upgrade cart with saved". If you choose a different product than before, it should add the cart with old products, restoring it.

buy credits: it's only a demo and it's not required real payment!

The "credit card" and "money transfert" payment are fake: your credit order will be confirmed after finish the checkout without paying anythig.

with credits, make an order buying photos or movies.

Trying also to override your credit amount to see how it works!

The testing procedure should shows something similar:



This website is made only with Joomla, Virtuemart and the Reward Points Extension, with Credit Points plugin:

1) Joomla 3.x
2) Virtuemart 3.x
3) Reward Points Extension
4) Credit Points plugin for Reward Points Extension

No other component is installed. The simple template is made from zero by Anteprima Sas and Virtuemart pages are as they are, just customized by css rules, nothing more.

Setting of the website about Reward Points Extension and the Credit Points plugin: