Try why customers will have fun!

We have the Virtuemart reward points extension installed on this website, so you can earn points and change points to money.

Register and earn 2 points! They are 2 real euros that you can use to buy in our store, usint "Change Points" menù. 

And when purchasing you earn 1 point each 10€ to buy other products!

(when purchasing, you earn points when paying - and the link to the extension will be email you only if you pay)

Follow the next few instructions and demo the procedure of the extension!

  1. Register and gain 2 new points. Registration needs a confirmation email, antispam!
  2. Login in the website to use your account points.
  3. You see 2 points in the top-module of the site: this is the reward points module, in "horizontal" layout.
  4. Go to "CHANGE POINTS". At the left the component, at the right the module, in "vertical" layout
  5. Change 2 points, and the page will reload with the chip.
  6. You now see your new chip in the list, in the right module.
  7. Click on the chip, and you will be redirect to the cart, with discount enable.
  8. Choose one product, go to the cart and you will see the total discout of your chip value.
  9. The chip will remain in the list until you purchase. It will be spent when you confirm order.

You can test it without purchasing! but... if you purchase...

  1. You'll earn 1 point each 10€ of order (not decimals) so for example when purchasing the Reward Points Extension you'll earn 3 new points.
  2. You will receive an email with the link to the extension only when paying with Paypal or Credit Cards
  3. You will be able to upgrade until 3 months from purchasing.
Points will be available forever to buy other products, in the future. So, store your account in a reminder!