Try points and coupons on this website as live demo of the extension!

This website is in Joomla 3.x and Virtuemart 3.x (both on latest version), with the Virtuemart Reward Points 3 extension enabled.

Start like this: register a new account and earn 2 points! They are 2 real Euros that you can use to buy our products, changing them to coupons by the "Change Points" menù or with the reward points module. 

And when purchasing earn 0.5 point each 10€, plus 0.5 points the first order, and 0.5 max in raffle to buy other products!

The reward points configuration is setup in this easy way:

reward points demo configuration

 Explanation of the main earning setting (from column one to three, vertical reading)

  • Points from order amount are earned when Paypal send the IPN (Instant Paying Notification) or administrator switch your order status to "Confirmed"
  • Points are restored in your account in case of order refunding
  • Points are earned with decimal calculation
  • Points are earned on cart VAT-included price
  • Points are earned even if some product is discounted
  • Custom product points are earned (if custom points are enabled in a product) even if product is discounted
  • Points are earned on price OR - if specified in any product - on product custom points. Custom points are not used as add-on bonus
  • Points from order amount have a 0.05 ratio, it means that 0.5 points are earned every 10€ of product price
  • Each earning activity is valid for 90 days
  • You will receive an HTML email when earning points


Bonuses are set as shown here:

user points configuration demo

 Explanation of the bonuses page setting (from column one to three, vertical reading)

  • 0.5 points in raffle extraction every order
  • 2 points on new user registration
  • 0.5 points bonus for the first order


Points to coupons and points usage are setting as shown here:

points to coupons configuration demo

Explanation of points to coupons rules and reward points mode (from column one to three, vertical reading)

  • 1 point = 1 €
  • Allow to change decimal points to coupon
  • Main currency is €
  • Each coupons is valid for 90 days (but it's enabled the coupons-to-points reconversion as demo, so you can play with coupons and points)
  • Coupon manager: Virtuemart (the only option because Vm3 can use many coupons manager, no third part solution is needed)
  • Auto-coupon creation is OFF (you change points to coupons)
  • Money mode is OFF
  • Money mode auto-cart is OFF
  • You will receive an HTML email when changing points to coupons