Virtuemart reward points 3 manual

how to install, setup and quickly test the extension

1A  Fresh New Installation of virtuemart reward points extension

  • To install the component go in Joomla extension manager, choose it and install. It will install everything. Just ready, all plugin published, component and module enabled, and languages files in their folder. Read the other instruction steps, and the last points "adjusting graphic to your template" for the very little adjustments you might would do. Nothing else, you're just ready to start with the "classic" reward points program installed!
  • You no more need alphaUserPoints component installed, this version of the extension does NOT work with aup because with older versions we spent too much time for support this component, that's not ours!

1B Upgrade virtuemart reward points from old vm2.x/j2.5 version while upgrading joomla 2.5 to 3.x

The new rewardpoints3 has a different filename than the old rewardpoints2. The Extension Directory asked us to change it because of the 'aup' (alphaUserPoints) prefix and we had to do. So the extension needs to be uninstalled and re-installed. When uninstalled it does not delete its database tables, so the new one will use them again (exactly in the way we upgraded this website from j2.5 to j3.x)

  • The extension is not compatible with AlphaUserPoints. We spent too much time for support an extension not our, and when we didn't, we received the only bad reviews on the Jed!! if you want to use rewardpoints3, uninstall first alphaUserPoints and refresh the website at least one time. The rewardpoints2 will migrate points from aup to internal db. After upgrading joomla, you will be able to reinstall alphaUserPoints again. We will produce a bridge in next future to re-link the two "points world".
  • Go in Virtuemart ->custom field (under product category menu). Delete the "Special points" custom points. Also delete the "Credit Points" if you have it.  ALERT! you will lose the setting on each product for custom points. The way to backup custom product points is to use the CSVI free exporter. After upgrading you simply will re-import the CSV and the product points will be added to the new product points custom field (because the new has the same title of the older one, but different type and plugin name).
  • Screenshot the reward points modules you use in the website, their position, configuration and assigment, you have to recreating them (it's a 5 minutes operation if you screenshot them before)
  • Go in the extension manager -> manage, filter by Component and uninstall the vmpointstocash component. It uninstalls component, the 2 modules and the 2 plugins you used.
  • Eventually, after checking other components and template compatibility with joomla 3 upgrade Virtuemart from 2.x to 3.x, and finally migrate from Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3.x (procedure here)
  • Install the new rewardPoints3 as described at point 1A "Fresh new installation"
  • Recreate the modules as before, publish on the same pages and check in Virtuemart that the "product points" custom field was created during installation
  • Some new options are available on the configuration page. If you experience any error message (but you shouldn't) on the reward points page, just enter the configuration page and screenshot it down, then fill all fields with any option (don't care which), then save. Then re-enter the configuration from screenshots and just save it again.


2 setup your reward points / loyalty program.

To setup the configuration, go to VirtueMart Reward Points -> Configuration from the Joomla Component menu.
The hilited field settings are the most important and should be configured in order to make the extension to basically work. 

Earning settings: from product points and/or from orders to points

Order statuses to earn and refund points
Simply choose the order status that you want to give or refund points to your shoppers. It can be done automatically by the payment method (check the "successful" order status of each payment method) or by administrator by switching the order status of the order (example a shopper buys and the payment method set the order to "confirmed by shopper". If the reward points configuration is set to "confirmed", points are given when administrator switch the order status from "confirmed by shopper" to "confirmed" in the virtuemart order list. - Elsewhere, in this same example, in case the payment methods is set to "confirmed" points are given automatically.)

NOTE: remember to activate the instant paying notification (the IPN could have other name, as "silent post" in Search for the name on google) for the payment you use, in order to auto-confirm orders.
The URL that you must set in the IPN is Change "YOUR_PAYMENT_METHOD_ID" with the #id of the payment in the Virtuemart Payment Methods.

Product custom points and price to points usage
This combines the two main sources of points (price to point / product custom points) together. 4 modes:


  • Normal - If product custom points are used on a product, points will be earned by custom points. Elsewhere, points will be earned by its price.
  • Bonus - If product custom points are used on a product, it sums them to points earned from price for that product, so custom product points are used as bonus.
  • Only Products - only custom product points can earn points. Disabled the price-to-points calculation
  • Only Order (price) - only order price to points can earn points. Disabled the product custom points.

Rounded or decimal points on earning
Choose to round (floor) the total points earned or not. If you choose "rounded" and you are using AlphaUserPoints, remember to set "decimal points" even in AlphaUserPoints configuration.

Order amount to points base price
This affects only the "order-amount to points" calculation, not the product points. Choose here if calculation on the total amount must be with or without VAT.

Exclude "Price to points" on discounted products from final calculation
Exclude points from product price on discounted product. This affects also the product and cart prediction when using the prediction module.

Exclude "Product custom points" on discounted products from final calculation
Exclude points from product custom points on discounted product.  This affects also the product and cart prediction when using the prediction module.

Exclude "Product custom points" (when set) when coupons are used on cart from final calculation
When customers buy using coupons in the cart, exclude points earned from product price. In this case points earned with cart price amount are still earned but calculated from total subtracted by the coupon value. This affects also the product and cart prediction when using the prediction module.

Default order amount to points ratio
The main ratio used to calculate points from total amount. Examples (in dollars)

  • 1 = 1 points each 1$
  • 0.1 means 1 points each 10$
  • 0.05 means 1 points each 20$
  • 0.04 means 1 points each 25$
  • 0.025 means 1 points each 50$
  • 10 means 10 points each 1$.

Optional order amount for optional ratio
These are the optional order ratios to override the main one, available with order price threshold. You can variate the ratio from a specified threshold to another for points earned from cart price.

Min order for points / Max points to earn
Minimum order price needed to earn points, and maximum points that a customer can earn each order.

Points validity for each activity
Validity in day of each points sum earned from an order.

Payment methods id to not earn points
A single value OR a comma-separated list of the #id of payment methods that will be excluded from earning points. This affects both custom product points than order price to points. In this way you can promote your most convenient payment methods.

Email setting for earning activities
This email will be sent when earning points from a Virtuemart order. You can simply specify witch joomla content to send (one each language, if you send the same content, you must specify it in each "content to email" popup). The title of the content will became the subject of the email. In both title than body of content, you can use now variables. These are:

  • {username} = The username of the customer
  • {name} = Name of the customer
  • {order} = The Virtuemart order reference
  • {points} = Total points earned from the order (including bonuses)
  • {newtotal} = New total user points of the customer.


Bonus on earning settings

Fixed points each order
A discrete, fixe quantity of points to assign each order, for example 1 points bonus each order. You can also use fixed points instead of price to points calculation by choosing "only product" from "Product custom points and price to points usage" in the setting above and just not assigning custom points to any products!

Additional fixed points each order - optional with threshold and ratio
You can variate the discrete quantity of points for orders over certain order-price threshold, for example 2 points bonus each order if customer pays more than 50$, and so on.

New user registration
You can assign new points when a user registers on your website. 

First customer order
This is the bonus for the first order of any customer. You could also setup a "raffle", a random points extraction from 0 to specified number and it's predicted in the prediction module so your customer can see the raffle.

Customer orders quantity
This is the bonus given each discrete quantity of order of a customer. For example, if set to 5, a customer will earn bonus points at its 5th order, 10th order, 15the order and so on.

Webstore order number
This is the bonus given each discrete quantity of order of the shop! For example, if set to 100, every 100 confirmed (or shipped) orders, some lucky customer will earn this bonus.

Birthday promotion multiplier factor
This bonus use the "birthday_points" shopper field (installed with the extension) that you can find in the Virtuemart Shopper Field list. So, when a user registers himself, he can specify his birthday in the registration field. If the date is present it will be used here.
You can specify a percentual multiplier factor THAT MUST BE MORE THAN 100 (%) in order to gain the points. For example, 150 (%) means that a customer that is earning 10 points will earn 15 points. You can specify an order-amount threshold to enable this bonus. The Validity birhday period refers to how many days from the birthday date this bonus will be given.

Bonus - Promotional special periods
Similar to the previous birthday bonus, here you can specify your promotional periods, from a date to another. You can even exlude this bonus on specified days or leave this blank to use all week.


Chips (coupons) settings: from points to money

Points to coupon value ratio
It's the ratio for how many points are needed to obtain 1 of your currency. Examples (in dollars)

  • 1 = 1 points changed to 1$
  • 10 = 10 point changed to 1$
  • 20 = 20 point changed to 1$
  • 0.1 = 1 points changed to 10$
  • 0.2 = 1 points changed to 5$
  • 0.25 = 1 points changed to 4$
  • 0.5 = 1 points changed to 2$

Allow decimal coupon value
Allow a customer to obtain decimal coupon values on changing points to coupon

Shop main currency symbol
The symbol of the main, basic currency ($, €, £ ...) used in your shop by Virtuemart. Even if it is only used as graphic on the coupons and in the modules, this is important. Because Virtuemart refers coupons to its main currency, coupons value created with the reward points refers to this currency. You can enable the multi-currencies support - points and coupons will always have the right-change in the cart discount.

Coupon code complexity
The number of charters in the coupon code. Minimum 5, default is 9. The more complex, the more safe!

Chips expiring date
Days of chips validity. After that time, chips will not be available and showed.

Minimun points to change
Minimum quantity of points to create coupons.

Max points to change each time
Maximum quantity points allowed for creating coupons.

Multiple quantity points to change
Multiple factor quantity for changing coupons. Example, if 5, you will be able to create a coupon using 5, 10, 15, 20 points and so on. Intermediate points are not allowed.

Coupons manager
This can not be changed. Because Virtuemart now manages internal and 3rd part coupons together, you can use AWO or other in combination with reward points. This option was left for future purpose.

Auto coupon creation mode
One of the features that makes the reward points extension cool is this one. With this option enabled, customers earn fresh ready-to-use coupons instead of points. You can then let them to reconvert coupons to points or not and manage points or not. This is a very easy method to let them see coupons ready for the cart instead of having to change points.

Money mode enabled
Money mode shows money balance instead of points in the module. There is only a coupon that increments value when customer gains points. Even if you enable the "reconvert coupons to points", points will be always convert in money when any page is loaded. Money mode is very simple and direct for customers.

Example of "Money mode" enabled, shown on the reward points module (in "horizontal" layout)

Money mode auto cart discount
When "Money mode" is enabled, this option automatically discounts the cart when customers log in. There's no way for customer to clean coupon from cart (even the option on the module is automatically disabled) and customers can not use other coupons. Only the reward points works.

Example of "Money mode" with "Auto cart" enabled when customers log in, shown on the reward points module (in "horizontal" layout)

Optional content to show

  • for logged users
    Optional joomla content to show in the points-to-coupon page. This refers to logged users, and it's the coupon page where to change points.
  • show for visitors (guest)
    Optional joomla content to show in the points-to-coupon page. This refers to guest visitors, so this option let you show a different content in order to invite guest to register and play with points!

You can specify if showing or hiding and the position (top or bottom of the component page).

Email setting for points-to-coupons activities
This email will be sent when changing points to coupon. You can simply specify witch joomla content to send (one each language, if you send the same content, you must specify it in each "content to email" popup). The title of the content will became the subject of the email. In both title than body of content, you can use now variables. These are:

  • {username} = The username of the customer
  • {name} = Name of the customer
  • {couponcode} = The code of the created chip. It's a coupon code, so the customer - if likes more - can use it in the cart instead of chips.
  • {couponvalue} = The value of chip (and coupon), complete in automatic with the main shop currency.
  • {newtotal} = New total user points of the customer.

3 setup the "points to coupon" page.


Go to menu manager to add a new link.

Select the "Convert points to coupon codes" from meny types, and simply save.

All the configuration is in the reward points configuration page, so you have nothing to setup expect for the title of the page.

NOTE: this page is "replicated" on the module. 

The reasons are two:

1) the module is useful because you can choose where to publish it. So you can have the "points to coupon" function on the cart, homepage, etc, not only in the main component page

2) this page is useful to publish some header or footer (using the "optional content to show") to inform your customers about your reward points program, rules, bonuses, etc.


4 let's have a first, basic test!

Make an order in your shop! (....don't pay for that!). Go to Virtuemart orders, in backend. You should see your order in "pending" status (this depends on what payment method you choose) Switch from "pending" to "confirmed" or "shipped" (depends on what you set up in the configuration for earning points). 

virtuemart status orders

Then go to VirtueMart Reward Points -> Users, search for your username and check that points are earned. In the front-end you should see your points in the reward points module (if you published somewhere) or in the component page (if your published).

From the module, or from the main component page "points to coupon", change some points, and create a new coupon. Your coupon should look like this (NOTE - the showing of the cart and piggy icons is setting inside the module configuration)



Now, buy another product and put in the cart. Then click on the cart icon on coupon to put it in the cart, exactly as if you "copy/paste" its code in the coupon field. We use the original Virtuemart model to do that, so Virtuemart will display the message "Coupon inserted in the cart" or something like this!

The coupon will be available in the cart until you log-out or you use "Clear coupon from cart" in the reward points module. 

The coupon active in the cart is hilited from the others (if present) and it has not the icons enabled. 


5 use the prediction module to predict points for new orders!

Publish the Points prediction module on your website in the product pages.

You can publish it in the categories menu and then use its option to hide it in the category but show in the product pages.

In this way it will be shown only in the products.

In the product pages, it is able to predict how many points product earn, if purchased!

If the cart isn't empty, it predict everything, from the product to the cart, bonuses, special points, etc.

It is also useful to be published in the cart, because it helps to lead customers to finalize their purchase.


6 use the reward points main module to manage points and coupons

Publish the main reward points module wherever you want. You can customize it in many way, by showing piggy, money or credit icon (or nothing) by publishing in the toolbar in horizontal mode or in a sidebar in vertical mode. You can decide number of coupons, showing activities, and to enable the points to coupon on the same module.

You can choose to let your customers to reconvert coupons to points or not.



7 use the custom product points

Example of "Custom product points" enabled, in the product page settings in virtuemart


Example of "Custom product custom pointsin the virtuemart->products->custom fields

To use the custom product points, simply edit a product, go to the "Custom Field" tab, and choose "Product Points" from the list.

Assign the points in the "value" fields, ONLY NUMBERS (integer or decimal) and save.

Product with custom points can (based on the "alghoritm", see the configuration setting)

1) be exluded from "cart-price-amount to points" function, they are calculated externally and add at the end of entire process.

2) be used as "bonus", they are still calculated in the "cart-price-amount to points" and their value is add as "more bonus" for that product.

3) be completed excluded from earning points when customer buy with coupon enabled in the cart (see the configuration settings)

You can customize this field going in the virtuemart "product" -> Custom Fields by changing its name and description.

To be identified by the reward points, it uses the "custom_plugin" field name in the db, so you can NOT create this custom field by yourself, but you are free to change its title and description.

If you want its value not to be shown to the customers in the product pages, simply choose to hide in the bottom field as shown in figure.


8 use the birthday field during the customers registration

The Virtuemart Reward Points extension installs a shopper field for handling the "Birthday" bonus promotion in the Virtuemart "Configuration" -> Shopper fields. If you plan to not use, you can unpublish it.


9 customize languages and adjust the graphic for your website template

The languages files used are:

main component page: language/en-GB/en-GB.com_rewardpointsvm.ini
reward points module: language/en-GB/en-GB.mod_rewardpointsvm.ini
points prediction module: language/en-GB/en-GB.mod_rewardpointsvm_prediction.ini
reward points plugin (these are the phrases used when earning points from orders): administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.plg_system_rewardpointsvm.ini

Because they are mixed with the older vm2 version, they can contain some phrases more than what is needed. Translate what you need.

To translate copy them in your language-tagged folder inside the root "language" folder, replacing the "en-GB" prefix with yourlanguage-TAG and leave the rest (".nameOfFile.ini") as it is.
For example, for USA the main component language file should be en-US.com_rewardpointsvm.ini

NOTE: The admin->configuration language is fixed in english.


To adjust the module (coupons, values, etc) graphic to your template:

Obviously, any template has its particular paddings, margins, font-sizes, etc. So it's quite normal to have to adjust something on the graphic. This extension use some icons, backgrounds and images to be cool, and adjusting the position of something like the coupon values on the coupons is very, very easy.

Using firefox firebug, or chrome or safari developer tools (by clicking the right-menu on an element in the screen and choosing 'inspect element' - depending on your browser) you can select the css rules applied on that element and find the right adjustment without changing the original css. Then you have only to copy/paste (or replicate) to the end of  the master css of your template.

In case you want to modify the reward points css instead of adding the duplicated rules on your master template css, remember that you might lose the adjustment if in future you will upgrade the reward points so, in this case, just backup the css before upgrading.

main component css: components/com_rewardpointsvm/assets/css/style.css
main reward points module css: modules/mod_rewardpointsvm/assets/css/style.css
main points prediction module css: modules/mod_rewardpointsvm_prediction/assets/css/style.css

The images used in the component and in the modules are in each "assets/images" folder on the same path shown above.

Author notes and warranty

Author won't assume any responsabilities about method of using our software. Before purchasing read the licence file here. You can upgrade the extension (if upgrades are available) or download whenever you want until 180 days after purchasing.