Virtuemart reward points extension installation (j1.5/vm1.1.x)

what is it and how it works

The Virtuemart Reward Points extension - as the name says - it's the extension for Virtuemart to manage professional reward points program and loyalties in your Joomla shop. It works with the free AlphaUserPoints component as points manager and referre system. In this way, you use combine points from Virtuemart to points from Joomla and other third part extensions, as jomsocial, community builder, k2, and so on, and use points to buy in your shop

The Virtuemart Reward Points extension mainly can:

  • Earn points from order amount, with multiple ratios and multiple order-amount thresholds
  • Earn different customs points for each products in store (and manage with CSVI import!)
  • Earn fixed points each orders, with multiple fixed quantity with multiple order-amount thresholds
  • Earn points bonuses from user order number or global order number
  • Set minimum order / maximum points for earning
  • Set validity for each points-earning transaction
  • Restore points for delete or refunded orders
  • Combine points earned with AlphaUserPoints rules
  • Change points to money by a coupon code and use it in the cart
  • ....and many other options!

how to install, setup and quickly test the extension

1 Install the virtuemart reward points extension

It's so important: in joomla 1.5/virtuemart 1.1.x you must have alphaUserPoints component installed before to install our extension! if not, you MUST uninstall the reward points extension, installa alphaUserPoints and then re-install the reward points extension.

Just install the component from Joomla extension manager. It will install everything, included alpha points rules. In the Virtuemart 1.1.x it also install the ps_order.php updated virtuemart class. This is not needed in new fantastic Virtuemart 2.x

2 setup your reward points program.

Go to "plugin manager", browse until finding plugin vmalpharewardspoints, and publish. Then edit setting by clicking on the plugin's name. 

Main settings:

  • Status for points (confirmed or shipped). Decide if earn points by "confirmed" or "shipped" order status. Calculation of points is based on order quantity LESS other discount or coupons: we don't want you to give points... on points!

If you set to "confirmed", web-payment as paypal interacts with your server giving points automatically on payment. You should need to configure Paypal with the auto-return page function (on a "thank you" page in your website) and switch on the IPN (istant paying notification) from your Paypal account.

If you are confused, in the Paypal profile account, simply set both the IPN option (Istant Payment Notification) and the returning page URL with these url:

Paypal settings for Virtuemart 2.x 

Paypal settings for Virtuemart 1.1.x 

  • Status for restoring previous points (cancelled or refunded). Decide if you want to restore the customer previous points situation when canceling or when refunding orders.
  • Rounded or decimals. You can here decide if the calculation of points include decimal or not. Please note that, if it is rounded, if you assign 1 point every 10$, and customer spends 9$, no points will be assigned. 0.9 points would be assigned if status was "decimals".
  • Order price source. Here you decide if points are calculated on total order with or without VAT. In some case better the first, in other, better the second.
  • Order amount to points ratio. IMPORTANT! Here you set the ratio from points to currency. 1 means 1 point every 1$ (or other currency) spent in your shop. with ratio to 0.1 it would be 1 point every 10$.
  • 5 optional order amount to points and threshold. You can specify up to 5 order-money-amount threshold and relative 5 order amount to points ratios.
  • 4 calculation algorithms. You can specify the algorithm that calculate the reward points
  • Custom product points. You can specify a custom different amount of points each product
  • Custom Product points as bonus. You can specify if custom products points are points or bonuses (to add to the classic order-amount-to-points calculation)
  • Minimun order to earn points. You can specify the minimum amount of order to earn points.
  • Maximum points to earn. You can put a limit for earning points each order.
  • Points validity. You can specify the days of validity for each activity that earned points! It's cool!
  • Banned payment. If you want, you can exclude one or more payment method. If you want to use a list, please separate value by a comma ( , )
  • 5 fixed points bonus each order and threshold. You can specify up to 5 fixed-quantity bonuses, each with his order-amount threshold.
  • Raffle points bonus and threshold. You can decide if customers will receive a raffle bonus each order, calculated from zero to the number you set. If you leave 0 no points will be assigned. You can also turn it on only above an optional order-amount threshold.
  • Global orders interval for points bonus. Here you can specify the predefined interval of shipped orders from your shop (or confirmed, see above). For example, the 1000th client will receive a bonus, and also the 2000$ and so on. You can specify how much orders you want.
  • User orders interval for points bonus. Quantity of user orders to win a points bonus.

You don't need to do anything else for earning points. It's a good idea to check your alphaUserPoints component, synch users and check his configuration.

3 setup the "points to money" procedure.

In Joomla administration, go to menu manager to add a new link. Select the "vmalphapointstocash" from meny types, and edit settings.rewards points menu setting

  • Points per unit. Specify how many points you need for 1 of your currency. Example, 10 points for having 1$. This option let you use 2 different exchange points/money, one when you confirm an order, one when you change points in cash.
  • ID content description. It's the article ID of an optional joomla content to show before the exchange coupon.
  • decide if manage Coupons by Internal Virtuemart Coupon (default) or AWO Coupon component.
  • (Option for AWO coupon) decide the validity date (in days) for the generated coupon code. If you use Virtuemart Coupon, you can specify the default expiring date in Virtuemart Configuration **only for vm2.x**
  • Currency symbol and Currency position are thought for graphical implementations of coupon templates.

Now, in the front-end, open the menù link you have just created. You MUST log-in in front-end first (it's logical, if you don't, you wuold not able to use your account and points!). 

4 test the reward points program.

Do an order in your shop! (obviously don't pay for that, on use a paypal sandbox to extend the test). Go to Virtuemart orders, in backend. You should see your order in "pending" status. Switch from "pending" to "confirmed" or "shipped" depends on what you set up in the plugin vmalpharewardspoint. Then go to alpha user points control panel, choose "users" and look at the activity (and the number of points).virtuemart status orders

Virtuemart alpha points gives points when someone (the admin) or something (a payment method) switch from "pending" to "confirmed" or "shipped". Shipped is intended only for the admin.

rewards points gained

You gain as many points as many rules are published and the setting you've done.

Every alpha user points rule can handle its own email message for customers! (only in joomla 1.7/2.5 and virtuemart 2)

So you can ALWAYS advise your customers about quantity of reward points they gain and about the reasosn for gaining points. For example, if you have all rules published and a custom message each rule, customers will receive more than one email, each with a bonus points, each with the reason about that. It's important for involving customers. It's MAGIC and If you don't want all that, you can leave rules's messages empty!

Clicking in the "points-to-money" menu link, you find an exchange coupon where you defined the quantity of points you want to change. Put the quantity of points to change in the field and submit. That's all. Isn't it easy?

Page will reload with your new reward points quantity and THE COUPON CODE CREATED ON-THE-FLY. 

Two coupons pages look like that:

exchange coupon for rewards pointsresult rewards points coupon

You can copy/paste the code in your cart (as system remindes) or go to the user-account of alpha user points (you can create a menu link that point to that, to show in frontpage).

alpha user points user account setting

Rules are auto-approved, so points are assigned by theirself. You can also change this option and confirm all users activity.

Coupons expiration date is set in the Virtuemart configuration (or in the menù setting if you use Awo Coupon). Coupons generated with Virtuemart Alpha Reward Points are ALWAYS a gift coupon (not permanent) and ALWAYS with fixed quantity of discount (corresponding to a quantity of points). COMPATIBLE WITH AWO COUPON COMPONENT.

Author notes and warranty

Author won't assume any responsabilities about method of using our software. Please write us questions, features request and bugs helping us to collect a developement forum and the requested updates of our extensions.