Virtuemart reward points extension installation (j2.5/vm2.x)

how to install, setup and quickly test the extension

1 Install the virtuemart reward points extension

To install or upgrade the component go in Joomla extension manager, choose it and install. It will install everything. Just ready, all plugin published, component and module enabled, and languages files in their folder. You no more need alphaUserPoints component installed. You can install it later, or having it still published, or never install it. If you will install AlphaUserPoints, the users manager will remember you to go in AUP, while if not installed, you will use the Virtuemart Reward Points users manager. It's all automatic.

2 setup your reward points program.

To setup the new Virtuemart Reward Points, go to VirtueMart Reward Points -> Config from the Joomla Component menù.
The white label settings are the most important and should be configured in order to make the extension working. 

Earning settings: from orders and products to points

Order status to earn points
The extension calculate and assign points using a "listener" on the order status of a pending order. So: whenever a order status changes to "confirmed" or "shipped", both manually than by a Web-payment service (as Paypal) it gives points.

NOTE: If you set to "confirmed" and you are using web-payments as paypal, etc, remember to activate the instant paying notification (the IPN could have other name, as "silent post" in Search for the name on google). The URL that you must set in the IPN is Change "YOUR_PAYMENT_METHOD_ID" with the #id of the payment in the Virtuemart Payment Methods.

Order status to restore points
Once a order status is tracked (after changing an order to "confirmed" or "shipped"), it can be refund or cancelled from the reward points queue (where it's stored). If you choose here "refund" and then you refund an order (by changing the order status from "Confirmed" to "Refunded") this function restore the previous points situation.

Rounded or decimal points on earning
Choose to round (floor) the total points earned or not. If you choose "rounded" and you are using AlphaUserPoints, remember to set "decimal points" even in AlphaUserPoints configuration.

Order amount to points base price
This affects only the "order-amount to points" calculation, not the product points. Choose here if calculation on the total amount must be with or without VAT.

Default order amount to points ratio
The ratio used to calculate points from total amount. For example (in dollars) 1 means 1 points each 1$ - 0.1 means 1 points each 10$ - 10 means 10 points each 1$.

Optional order amount for optional ratio
These are the optional order ratios, available with the order-threshold. You can variate the ratios from a specified threshold of order amount. See the example in the configuration setting field.

Product points / order amount usage
This is how points from total amount and points from product custom points are combined together.

Normal - it scans the orders to calculate separate custom product points and total amount of products without custom points. At the end it sums the two obtained points quantity.
Bonus - it scans the order to calculate points from amount of all products, and then re-scan order to find product custom points and add them to the total points quantity. In this way product custom points are used as "plus bonus points".
The other options let to use only product points or only order-to-points calculation.


Min order for points / Max points to earn
Optional assigning a minimum order to earn points, and a maximum points to earn.

Points validity for each activity
You can set a validity for each earning activities. This affects points earned from virtuemart transactions, not chips. Chips validity is set below.

Payment methods id to not earn points
A single value or a comma-separated list of the #id of payment methods that will not earn points. In this way you can promote your most convenient payment methods.

Bonuses settings

Bonus - additional fixed points each order
A discrete quantity of points to assign each order, for example 1 points bonus each order.

Bonus - additional fixed points each order - optional
You can variate the discrete quantity of points for orders over the threshold, for example 2 points bonus each order if customer pays more than 100$

New user registration
You can assign new points when a user registers on your website. This rule could be also on AlphaUserPoints so - if you set this field - the extension will unpublish the alphaPointsRules in order to not duplicate the bonus. In case you are using AUP but you want to use our email manager on earning points, you can disable AUP email and messages editing the rule in the aup rules management.

Bonus - first customer order
This is the bonus for the first order of a customer. You could also setup a "raffle" on the fly! This bonus can earn from 0 (even zero!) to a quantity of points you set. Use the random point min / random points max to setup the bonus, for example from 0 to 3, so you customers could be earn at maximum 3 points. Or even nothing! It's fantastic!

Bonus - customer orders quantity
This is the bonus for the x number order of a customer. For example, if set to 5, a customer will earn points at confirmed order 5, 10, 15, 20 and so on.

Bonus - webstore order number
This is the bonus when a customer makes an order and this order is the x number of your shop. For example, if set to 100, every 100 confirmed (or shipped) orders, some lucky customer will earn this bonus.

Bonus - Birthday promotion multiplier factor
This bonus use the "birthday_points" shopper field that you can find in the Virtuemart Shopper Field list, from the configuration tab. So, when a user registers himself, he can specify his birthday in the registration field. If present, this data will be used here.
You can specify a percentual multiplier factor THAT MUST BE MORE THAN 100 (%) in order to gain the points. For example, 150 means that a customer that is earning 10 points will be earn 15 points.
You can specify a order-amount threshold to enable this bonus.
The Validity birhday period refers to how many days from the birthday date this bonus will work.

Bonus - Promotional special periods
Similar to the previous birthday bonus, here you can specify your promotional periods, from a date to another. You can even exlude this bonus on specified days or leave this blank to use all week.

Email setting for earning activities
This email will be sent when earning points from a Virtuemart order. You can simply specify witch joomla content to send (one each language, if you send the same content, you must specify it in each "content to email" popup). The title of the content will became the subject of the email. In both title than body of content, you can use now variables. These are:

{username} = The username of the customer

{name} = Name of the customer

{order} = The Virtuemart order reference

{points} = Total points earned from the order (including bonuses)

{newtotal} = New total user points of the customer.

important note! when installed alphaUserPoints, both Virtuemart Reward Points extension than AUP will send email! So you can decide what to use, simply leaving blank the reward points email field or turning off the AUP-email from the Vm Reward Points rules in alphaUserPoints (you can leave the emails for the other rules on)


Chips (coupons) settings: from points to money

Points to chip (coupon) value ratio
It is the opposite ratio of earning points procedure. It's how many points are needed to obtain 1 of your currency. So, 10 means 10 points for a currency, 100 for 10 currencies and so on.

Allow decimal chip (coupon) value
Choose if allowing decimal values for chips

Shop main currency symbol
The symbol of main currency ($, €, £ ...) Even if it is only used as graphic for the chips, this is quite important to specify to the customers, it is the main currency value for the chips and coupons. Because always Virtuemart refers to its main currency, points, coupon and chips always refers to this currency. In this way you can enable the multi-currencies support - for everybody in the world points and chips will be always at the right-change with the currency used.

Coupons (chips) manager
This is very important. Because chips are coupon code "hidden", to work the reward points extension needs a coupon support. Virtuemart is default, but you can choose AWO coupon. You can use both awo free than pro.

Coupon (chips) code complexity
The number of charters in generating the coupon code. Minimum 5, default is 9. The more complex, the more safe!

Chips (coupon) expiring date
Days of chips validity. After that time, chips will not be available and showed.

Minimun points to change
Minimum quantity of points to create a chip.

Max points to change each time
Maximum points for a chip.

Multiple quantity points to change
Multiple factor quantity for changing a chip. Example, if 5, you will be able to create chips multiplied of 5.

Chips colors based on chips value
Chips colors schema, divided by chip value threshold and available color.

Optional content to show for logged users
Optional joomla content to show in the points-to-chips page. This refers to logged users, and it's the coupon page where to change points.

Optional content to show for visitors (guest)
Optional joomla content to show in the points-to-chips page. This refers to guest visitors, so this option let you show a different content in order to invite guest to register and play with points!
You can specify if showing or hiding the "piggy-toolbar" when the user is a guest.

Position to show the optional content
Position of the two previous content, refers to Piggy-header and coupon. Top = top of the page, Before = before the coupon after the header, After = after the coupon.
You can specify if showing or not the content titles for both optional contents to show.

Email setting for points-to-cash activities
This email will be sent when earning points from a Virtuemart order. You can simply specify witch joomla content to send (one each language, if you send the same content, you must specify it in each "content to email" popup). The title of the content will became the subject of the email. In both title than body of content, you can use now variables. These are:

{username} = The username of the customer

{name} = Name of the customer

{couponcode} = The code of the created chip. It's a coupon code, so the customer - if likes more - can use it in the cart instead of chips.

{couponvalue} = The value of chip (and coupon), complete in automatic with the main shop currency.

{newtotal} = New total user points of the customer.

3 setup the "points to chip" page.


Go to menu manager to add a new link. Select the "vmalphapointstocash" from meny types, and save. All configuration parameters are yet done in the previous point.

4 let's have a test!

Do an order in your shop! (obviously don't pay for that!). Go to Virtuemart orders, in backend. You should see your order in "pending" status. Switch from "pending" to "confirmed" or "shipped" depends on what you set up in the configuration. Then go to VirtueMart Reward Points -> Users or - if you are using AUP, go in the AUP users manager.

virtuemart status orders

Then go in the "Points to chips" page, and change your points to a chip. You can obtain something like that:


Now, buy a product and put in the cart. Then click on the chip (you can even publish the reward points module in the cart) to discount the chip in the cart. The chip will be available until the cart purchasing is confirmed


5 use the module to show chips and predict points for new orders!

Publish the Virtuemart Reward Points Module and the  Virtuemart Reward Points Prediction Module on your website.

You have to layout, one "horizontal", very simple, to show the icon (a Piggy, but you can customize) and points for user - and a "vertical layout" with detailed activities, positive and negative, and the chips.

Chips are created in the "Points to chip" page.

You can customize the points to chips page with regular Joomla Contents, as described in Configuration, you can use different contents for logged users and guest visitors and place them at the top of the page, or after the headers and over the coupon, or at the end of the page.


With the module, you can easly manage points. You can see activities, click on the chips to put in the cart, reset the cart from other chip and reconvert the chip to points, inserting in the piggy bank.

With the points prediction module, you can assist your customers and promote them orders and bonuses.

Because our points prediction is different, it shows both "sure" points and the "raffle" maximum points with bonuses benefit. Virtuemart reward points has many bonuses, as raffle random extraction each order, birthday points, raffle points on first orders and so on...

The points prediction module is amazing to improve virtuemart conversion.

Customers are leaded to buy  - depending on how you configure the reward program!


6 use the custom product points


To use the custom product points, simply edit a product in Virtuemart, to to the "Custom Field" tab, and choose "Special Points". Assign the points in the "value" fields, and leave price to 0 or use a price to add an extra for these points. You can even customize this field going in the virtuemart "product" -> Custom Fields menù on the left of the administration, to customize label and text.

7 use the birthday field during the customers registration

The Virtuemart Reward Points extension installs a new shopper field for handling the "Birthday" bonus promotion. If you plan to not use, you can unpublish it from the Virtuemart "Configuration" -> Shopper fields.

8 customize languages files

The languages files used in the front end of the extension are:

for the earning-procedure: administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.plg_system_vmalpharewardspoints.ini
for the points-to-chips page: language/en-GB/en-GB.com_vmalphapointstocash.ini
for the module: language/en-GB/en-GB.mod_virtuemartrewardpoints.ini 

To translate, copy them in the en-GB parent language-tagged folder (of your language!), replacing the initial en-GB. of the name of files with yourlanguage-TAG.xxxxxxxxxxxx.ini (for example, for Italy it should be it-IT.com_vmalphapointstocash.ini)

NOTE: up to now the administration language is in english, so you could see some translating problems in admin. The languages files for the admin are:



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