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Rewards Points Virtuemart 1.1.x

Rewards points extension for Virtuemart 1.1.x manages professional rewards points program in joomla 1.5 shops with virtuemart 1.1.x. Required AlphaUserPoints

Sales price: 23,00 €

Virtuemart rewards points extension for virtuemart 1.1.x

Required Joomla 1.5 - Virtuemart 1.1.x - free AlphaUserPoints

Virtuemart reward points extension manages flexible reward points programs in virtuemart 1.1.x
note: no manual hack to virtuemart is needed. However, the extension substitutes the administrator/com_virtuemart/classes/ps_order.php, so, if you previous changed it, copy or backup it before installing extension.

Earning points.

Customers earn points from total order amount, with 5 thresholds and 5 amount-to-points ratios, from custom product points, from the quantity of user order or the orders number of the shop, and from 5 fixed points amount each order, based on 5 amount thresholds.

Virtuemart reward points extension handles custom product points, they can also import/export using Virtuemart CSVI as normal product custom attribute. You can use custom product points as regular points or as bonuses, and choose from 4 algorithms to combine them with "order-to-points" calculation.

Points can have an expiration date for each earning activity, a maximum quantity to earn and a minimum order amount for earning points. You can handle email to customers, in html or plain text.

Virtuemart reward points uses the power of AlphaUserPoints component, so it is compatible with user community builded in joomla, jomsocial, community builder. This let your customer to invite friends and earn points when they buy. It can handle pyramidal reward points programs, medals, contests and raffles!

Pay with points.

Virtuemart reward points extension introduces the "Chips" metaphor. Points are chips! Customers can change a free quantity of their points filling a field in the "points to cash" component included in the extension. Points are transform in chips. You can set a points to money ratio different from the order to points ratio. Customers discount their cart just by clicking on the relative chip. It is amazing!

Technically, a chip is a coupon code, so customers can pay with a combination of regular payment method and chips. You can, for example, paying an order of 100$ with a chip of 20$ and 80$ by paypal.

This is a unique features for Virtuemart! This is a "point payment method" in witch you are not needed to have all the order amount. Incredible friendly to use and to understand, it have a cool looking to invite customers to make orders, earn points and use their points. It is thinked for customers and maybe it is the best promotional system for Virtuemart. With all his features, you can setup whatever reward points program you want.

You can customize your "change points" page with a Joomla regular content, handle emails to customers and expiration date for each chip from the moment a customer creates it.

The extension comes with a module to show available chips and earning/spending activity. You can set what to show or not, and choose from 4 chips colors customization: green, red, blu and silver.


Change points page example (graphic are the same for vm2 and vm1.1) 


Result chip changed from points (graphic are the same for vm2 and vm1.1)


Module example used in the cart, with a chip inserted and enabled  


Finally, you can customize it!

Virtuemart reward points extension uses a proprietary technologies to ensure compatibility issues with other extension: just buy, install, and work - whatever system you have! You can customize the .css files and translate to the language you want: it's developed with a clean MVC architecture so it's easy to access to customize everything.



Saturday, 01 December 2012
Very uusefull plugin! I like it
Александр Ивусь
Tuesday, 08 May 2012
Outstanding. Support team in amazing and the extension simply works, works very well and it's a large amount of options and possible settings. This is professional, once purchased, the price is nothing compared to what you can do. A professional promoting system I didn't believe there was already a virtuemart 1 support. Fantastic team.
Fabio Castello
Monday, 30 November -0001
Hi I bought the component for VM 1.1.x and works perfect. I only took 5 minutes to get it going. The support is the best i've seen, creating 2 component improvements they suggested. The communication is direct, I have never seen anything as efficient. If you are thinking of a points program, i have looked for several months, this is your component. Congratulations to the team.
Sergio Medina