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Points to Coupons for VM and Jomsocial

Points to money component for JomSocial. Allows users to convert a freely quantity of JomSocial points into coupon codes to use in the cart.
To use WITHOUT AlphaUserPoints or VirtuemartRewardPoints.
Available only stand-alone, for JomSocial and j2.5/vm2.x
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Please attention:

Required Joomla 1.7/2.5 - Virtuemart 2 - Jomsocial

How to use / about the licence:

Virtuemart points to money component for joomla is released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, version 3More info about license here.

Important note:

This component is made to work only STAND-ALONE (without alphaUserPoints, without virtuemartRewardPoints) - it needs only jomsocial, joomla and virtuemart (eventually Awo Coupon, optional). 

If you want to use the component with AlphaUserPoints - or without anything, just with Virtuemart, you must purchase the Virtuemart Reward Points extension, or the only "points-to-money" component points to cash for alphaUserPoints.

What is it?

Virtuemart points to money component is a joomla 1.7/2.5 component developed for using with jomsocial to allow customer to change alpha points to cash money. You can finally retain customers with a rewards program and a loyalty points system. Virtuemart points to cash component comes with 1 two languages, English and Italian.

Simply install the component, create a menù link to the component, choose a points to cash ratio, and enjoy. You customers needs only to go on that page, put a quantity of desired rewards points to change in the field, and the component creates a coupon "on the fly", with that value. Customers just copy/paste that code in the cart, and the money are discounted from total (and coupon disabled). All generated coupons are type "Gift", for one-only usage.

Software required:


  • zip archive with com_vmpointstocash


Monday, 07 January 2013 Rating:
TY a ton for posting this, it was unbelieveably informative and told me a lot TYVM, wonderful job! This was what I needed to know.