Update with new graphic (we changed the "cyan" to "virtuemart blue" on coupons), new graphic for reward points module.

Important upgrade for Credit Points plugin 3, it enables the "save cart" even for guest users. Upgrade both (using "joomla extension updater") in case you use.

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Reward Points 3 upgraded to 3.1.1. No more upgrade needed from this version on, it enables the auto-upgrading system in joomla. New framework, 30% less code, robust and faster with less db queries. It support the new credit points plugin for Virtuemart 3, with the ultimate features as the auto-restore cart from saving on module, the new configuration and so on. Upgraded also the main module, with the option to select icons different from piggy.…

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Hi Friends. Just another little help from the team. Virtuemart 2.026d has a big problem on the standard Paypal paymenth module: the IPN doesn't work when the website does not use the main paypal "merchant" email.

It was a big problem, because without a working IPN, customers didn't earn new points or new credit points. We worked hard to find the solution, just to discover that the problem was in Virtuemart.

Solution for "Paypal IPN doesn't work"…

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This time we solve a problem of Virtuemart 2.026d - it is not related to the virtuemart reward points. We noticed some "missing value" error message in the cart when you are not still registered in Virtuemart, but you are registered in joomla (or you are using a social login to your website).

This happens because the Virtuemart had introduced some modification in the models. I asked the team to review this function, because it's not good for…

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A new simple way to use the reward points: the easier one.

Your customer earn new points that are immediately converted to a new chip, following your conversion rules. All new points earned will delete old chips and add their values with the new activity in a new chip, fresh, with new expiring date.

Customers will always see... just one big chip, incremental, ready to use in the cart.

No piggy headers, no reconvert-to-piggy-points option, they…

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New points to cash on module! So you can use it everywhere!

Yes, it's a function that you asked us a long ago. But we needed something to use as option, integrate, and obviously, something that can fill all situation. Here it is, the points to cash on module.

Create a new chip direct on module, following the rules set in the configuration!

Never as easy for customers. When you decide to use the reward points extension in "regular" mode (without…

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Virtuemart Reward Points extension new  2.8 version, for j2.5/vm2.x

Wellcome to the new Virtuemart Reward Points Extension (for j2.5/vm2.x) - 2.8 version.
A great step forward! We included many new features that comes from Customers requests. 

Great features and a really new way to use the reward point program.

While developing we realize that the combination of the new features of the "auto-chip" make available to use your joomla-shop with…

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The new Points Prediction Module included in the Virtuemart Reward Points extension for vm2.


The points prediction function predicts to the customers the points the are going to earn. And because it calculate both "sure points" then "raffle points" and bonuses for orders, it really leads them to buy.

A new shopping experience is possible with the new points prediction module for reward points virtuemart 2, because it involves raffles and bonuses…

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We upgraded the Virtuemart Reward Points for vm2.x to a new graphic, code improvement and a new module.

The new extension uses an adaptive piggy-bank icon for loggin, points managing, earning activities and creating chips. A new function - that you can turn on/off as in the module setting - let the customer to re-convert chips to points, in case they want to delete a chip to create a new one with higher value. Try it registering and changing…

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We introduce a new plugin, the Points on Reviews for both Virtuemart Reward Points or Alpha User Points (also separate one to each other).

It costs 9€ but you can buy for 7€, or 6€ OR LESS if you use your 2 registration points or 3 points if you purchased Virtuemart Reward Points. More: if you review the extension you purchased - you will earn another 1 point (only on 5 starts rating!) - and the extension could cost only 5€!

This is only a…

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