Vm2.026d Paypal IPN error SOLVED

Hi Friends. Just another little help from the team. Virtuemart 2.026d has a big problem on the standard Paypal paymenth module: the IPN doesn't work when the website does not use the main paypal "merchant" email.

It was a big problem, because without a working IPN, customers didn't earn new points or new credit points. We worked hard to find the solution, just to discover that the problem was in Virtuemart.

Solution for "Paypal IPN doesn't work" on Virtuemart 2.026d

Let's open the plugins/vmpayment/paypal/paypal/helpers/paypal.php

At about line 668, replace this

if (strcasecmp($paypal_data['receiver_email'],$this->merchant_email)!=0 ) {


if (strcasecmp($paypal_data['business'],$this->merchant_email)!=0 ) {

All problems related to IPN (as earning new points or credit points) will be solved! It was not an our bug!

SOLVED! Virtuemart 2.026 "missing value" errors in the cart

This time we solve a problem of Virtuemart 2.026d - it is not related to the virtuemart reward points. We noticed some "missing value" error message in the cart when you are not still registered in Virtuemart, but you are registered in joomla (or you are using a social login to your website).

This happens because the Virtuemart had introduced some modification in the models. I asked the team to review this function, because it's not good for e.commerce!
A customer reads the error, but it really doesn't understand why.

This problem is not present in Virtuemart < 2.026d.

If you experience that issues as me, this is the solution.

To turn off the "missing value" error reports, open administration/components/com_virtuemart/models/user.php - locate the function validateUserData and go to the end, and comment the line in bold as this:

if($i==$required) $return = -1;
   vmdebug('my i '.$i.' my data size '.$required,$return,$data);
      VmConfig::loadJLang('com_virtuemart_shoppers', true);
      foreach($missingFields as $fieldname){
      // vmInfo(JText::sprintf('COM_VIRTUEMART_MISSING_VALUE_FOR_FIELD',$fieldname) );

Hope to be usefull to anyone. Thanks, Marco.

"Just One Big Chip" new option

A new simple way to use the reward points: the easier one.

Your customer earn new points that are immediately converted to a new chip, following your conversion rules. All new points earned will delete old chips and add their values with the new activity in a new chip, fresh, with new expiring date.

Customers will always see... just one big chip, incremental, ready to use in the cart.

No piggy headers, no reconvert-to-piggy-points option, they disappear on the module. Just one, big chip!

You have just to enable the "auto-chips" options. And it works even when you delete activities from the backend: the user chip is momentary reconverted to points, points are deleted, and new points situation is re-converted to the one big chip. So, the points balance is always perfect....

It's the easier way to use a reward points program on a website! And it's cool.


...and customers continue to see... just one big chip, incremental, ready to use in the cart.

This is one of the most cool feature develop this year!

To enable the "One Big Chip" mode

Go in the Virtuemart Reward Points configuration page, scroll down until find the "purple" section "Chip settings".

Enable the "Auto Chip - "Just One Big Chip" option (the second), and that's all!

New points-to-chips on module

New points to cash on module! So you can use it everywhere!

Yes, it's a function that you asked us a long ago. But we needed something to use as option, integrate, and obviously, something that can fill all situation. Here it is, the points to cash on module.

Create a new chip direct on module, following the rules set in the configuration!

Never as easy for customers. When you decide to use the reward points extension in "regular" mode (without the new "auto-chips mode" enabled) you customers can use their points wherever they want, because the new function is integrated in the module (not only - as before - in a dedicate page) so you can publish it even outiside the regular page.

Points to cash page is still always available, obviously ;-)

The dedicate page to change points is always available, because it can handle a regular joomla content inside it, to show to your customers the ruels of your reward points program and your promotion.

When used out of the points-to-cash page, it will create a new chip and display a little coupon in the module, when used in the page, it simply activate the regular function, that returns the big-coupon filled with desired values.

To make a little usable, we wrapped the points-to-cash on module into a sliding auto-hiding div container. So simply go with the mouse over it, and it opens. We add this feature (optional in the module configuration) even to the positive and negative activities shown below the module!

Login (or register and earn new points!) and see it in action in the point-to-cash page, or in the cart.

New Virtuemart Reward Points v2.8

new virtuemart reward points extension

Virtuemart Reward Points extension new  2.8 version, for j2.5/vm2.x

Wellcome to the new Virtuemart Reward Points Extension (for j2.5/vm2.x) - 2.8 version.
A great step forward! We included many new features that comes from Customers requests. 

Great features and a really new way to use the reward point program.

While developing we realize that the combination of the new features of the "auto-chip" make available to use your joomla-shop with virtuemart and reward points without the piggy bank. Each point can now be auto converted to a new chip and the system can now combine automatically all chips into one big chips, incremental. Use only the module (included in the suite) your customers won't need anything else! They simply will see a big big chips, that increments whenever they do some activity. No points, just a big chip, always visible in the module. No possibility to convert to points: just a big, simple, clear chip! That change colours as your setting, when increments.

New features for admins with no-time to follow users points situations.

• New COOL! option to exclude products from earning new points by setting 'custom points' to zero, ...very simple!
• New option to auto-exclude discounted products from earning new points.
• New security check to not earn points twice when using Google-checkout payment method on some country and some virtuemart version.

New features for customers to use their points 

• points to cash on module, with 2 different behaviours if used inside or out the regular points to cash page. You can use it everywhere, no more need of a "points-to-chips" page - even if you can use both (as in our website) because the page can contain a content to show your reward points rules and promotions to your customers.
• a nice sliding animation on module field to save space on the columns - as for the new sliding auto-hiding fields for showing activities. Redesigned to save up to 60px in width.

New great new "Auto-chips" and "Just-One-Big-Chip" options

• New auto-creation chip option when earning points from new orders!
• O
ption to convert all old chips and available points in just one... unique-great-big chip

Override the "piggy bank" and points metaphor and work just with a chip!.

Now you can earn points automatically on a big-incremental-chips, and simple use it in the cart, by clicking on it! When enabled this method, the piggy bank header will disappear on the module, and all system is based on the single chips that increments when you earn new points, automatically.

It is simply fantastic: as having 2 way to approach to customers! Try it if you purchase, it's amazing simply and clear for customers.

It's ...more incredible than what we expected! It's easy! We didn't realize how it's cool this simple configuration. For those who do not want too much interactions for lazy customers, the "just-one-big-chip" is perfect! They simply see their points into a chip, and clicking they use!

IMPORTANT! if you are upgrading (not a new purchase), save configuration, at least once, if you want to use the new features!

New option fields in the configuration page comes empty for those who are upgrading and not install for the first time. So, simply, just remember to enter configuration, find the new option (if you want to use, it's not really needed!) set and save at least once!


New Points Prediction Module

The new Points Prediction Module included in the Virtuemart Reward Points extension for vm2.


The points prediction function predicts to the customers the points the are going to earn. And because it calculate both "sure points" then "raffle points" and bonuses for orders, it really leads them to buy.

A new shopping experience is possible with the new points prediction module for reward points virtuemart 2, because it involves raffles and bonuses. You can now configure the reward points program using much more bonuses and raffles "random" points to promote to purchase in your webstore.

We are working closely to build a new shopping experience by promoting the system, not only "having" the system.

So the first developed is the Point Prediction Module for virtuemart 2. It predicts the point that a customer will earn for sure - and! the points maximum he can earn by the bonuses published in the configuration.

Try this! We have changed the configuration of the reward points in this website to enable raffles, bonus on orders, and so on.

You can show/hide quite everything, finally promote your bonuses. The difference is great! Not only points for order/products, but even for order quantity, for shop order number, promotional periods, birthday time, first order, and so on.

In next future we will even introduce the "product prediction" for the product details page, and a new amazing animating points messaging for the user!

And because it's separated from the other reward points module, you can choose to enable it alone in all pages of your website. 

You can choose to show/hide the "empty cart" message, the maximum points option, the prediction receips with or without the prediction of the raffle points in receips. It's fully configurable!


Restyled reward points for vm2.x


We upgraded the Virtuemart Reward Points for vm2.x to a new graphic, code improvement and a new module.

The new extension uses an adaptive piggy-bank icon for loggin, points managing, earning activities and creating chips. A new function - that you can turn on/off as in the module setting - let the customer to re-convert chips to points, in case they want to delete a chip to create a new one with higher value. Try it registering and changing your points! The new module has also a new way to insert chip in the cart, better than before. It was needed by the latest virtuemart version (vm > 2.11) and it lets the module to hilite the chip used in the cart, and eventually remove it.

New graphic for chips, coupons and piggies and icons, and many improvement in the code to make it faster and secure.

We integrated many little bugs to make the extension even more compatible within a thousand systems! 

And a new points to chips page! With new graphics for chips and coupon. With the adaptive piggy icon on the toolbar.

New Points on review plugin

We introduce a new plugin, the Points on Reviews for both Virtuemart Reward Points or Alpha User Points (also separate one to each other).

It costs 9€ but you can buy for 7€, or 6€ OR LESS if you use your 2 registration points or 3 points if you purchased Virtuemart Reward Points. More: if you review the extension you purchased - you will earn another 1 point (only on 5 starts rating!) - and the extension could cost only 5€!

This is only a little show of the power of the extension. Allowed 2 reviews in 30 days, and you must had purchased an extension to review it! Fantastic!

Points earned by these reviews are valid for 90 days.

Credit points plugin upgrade

We upgraded the credit points plugin for Virtuemart Reward Points 2. It works better in switching the order status to "confirmed" automatically when paying a new order. It loads the Virtuemart model in different way and it can resolve an issue with the latest virtuemart versions.

Free upgrade if still purchased!

Moneybookers payment available

New Moneybookers payment available on the website - both for credit cards than for bank transfert.

Many users asked us to implement new payment methods on the website to purchase the reward and credit extension. So, we will study better this methods to give suggestions for IPN, etc. We hope Virtuemart Reward Points extension will be able now in more areas in the world than before!