Dear Customers!

I decided to plan the roadmap, in order to combine your requested to ours. This is the best we can do in a short time. Remember, each request must be useful for everybody. We are forced to remember that we work with the extensions for all joomla/virtuemart users, not just really for any case.

From now, support will be limited only for users that experience issues that refers to the extension features. No more extended support to build particular features or particular reward points program. We will still be available for consulting before/after purchasing.

The GNU licences lets you to customize code and use in your webstore. We can no more build features or private reward points programs for all of you for free. That costs more much than the extension itself! We desire to be focused on that and continue to develop new features and improve the existing ones. No-other support will be done for particular cases in future, from now.

In this way, we want to build more documentation and "case history" on this website (that is better to everyone, not just single cases!) and open a forum and a showcase page for your websites (this is on working, on the new website).

The next-days roadmap is the following:

  • New points-to-percentual-chips menù link. You will be able to create both together - optional.
  • New points-to-raise-virtuemart-group. You will be able to setup threshold to raise your customers to next level virtuemart user-group based on total points (fantastic!)
  • New credit points config for supporting rounded or decimal credit points (separated from reward points)

The mid-time roadmap is:

  • Translate everything for Virtuemart 1.1.x / Joomla 1.5
  • New cool live messaging queue™ (integrated)
  • Points prediction module (sold separatly as module)
  • Points to gifts component (sold separatly as component)
  • Points to custom coupons (sold separatly as component)
  • Double or leave your points single conversion game (sold separatly as component)

Don't be angry if we'll limit the support, and be sure we'll support EACH of you, even live in your website, if experience issues that refers to our extension. Try to understand, we are NOT alphaplug neither awo - and giving support for them we'll lose time for our happy customers and new features. What's better? For sure new features. We won't NEVER MORE produce support for Alpha User Points or for Awo Coupons when issues are external to reward/credits points extension.