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Credit Points Virtuemart 3.x

Credit Points for Virtuemart 3 extension (Joomla 3.x) enables Credit Systems like Fotolia or iStockPhotos to make customers to buy credits with money and to buy products with credits. Media, ticket services and subscriptions: perfect for all. It needs the Reward Points 3.

Sales price: 23,00 €

Virtuemart credit points 3, “pay with points” or full “credits system” as Fotolia or iStockPhoto.

The Credit Points 3 is a fantastic plugin for the Reward Points 3. With Joomla, Virtuemart, the Reward Points and this plugin you can enable a simple "pay with points" payment method to put near the other ones, or to setup a full "credit system" where you sell products only with credits, allowing customers to buy new credits using money (regular virtuemart payments). This is the method that Fotolia or iStockPhoto use in their portal. You can do it very, very easy, with Virtuemart 3 and the Reward Points.

It's very professional, it auto saves filled carts when customer decides to buy credits, alert when credits are low, send email when buying credits, showing credits using the reward points modules, it switches from credit to money currency automatically and from credit payment to the other based on what customer is purchasing, it merges old carts to new ones, even if filled with new products...

The Credit Points Plugin shows the full power of the Virtuemart Reward Points 3 Extension.

System Required:

NOTE: DISABLE ONE PAGE CHECKOUT 3rd part extensions if enabled 
if you want the credit points to show/hide other payment methods when buying products or purchase credits. You can use the Virtuemart internal one page checkout, if needed. You can use 3rd part extensions if you don't need the "auto show/hide other payment method" option.

Try the demo website: click here!

Buy credits in your shop using money, and purchase products with credits: as Fotolia and iStockPhoto do!

Credit Points lets you to build a professional credit system webstore, where selling medias, photos, movies but also services and subscription services. All you need is Joomla, Virtuemart and the Reward Points extension + Credit Points plugin.

It is PERFECT to sell ticket services and subscription services, as long as media, photos, music, movies, etc.

The new version has many new features that make it a step forward, complete and professional. The main ones are:

  • Works with Money and Credit currency (created during installation, just ready to use)
  • Auto switch from showing Money and Credit currency (depending on products) in browse page, product details and cart.
  • Intelligent save Virtuemart cart (fantastic feature!) when purchasing credits after filling cart with regular products.
  • Automatic merging saved cart with new ones, keeping eventually new products added to cart
  • Automatic selection of credit payment when purchasing regular product
  • Automatic de-selection of credit payment when purchasing credits
  • Hide credit payment from options when purchasing credits
  • Automatic (optional) redirection to "buy credits" page when credits are insufficient for current cart order
  • New cart process to suspend the order in the cart when insufficient credits in account
  • Option to put order in pending instead of confirmed (if vendor needs it)
  • New method to refund credits (or to subtract them) in case of cancelled or refunded order
  • Redesigned module in the reward points extension to show credits instead of points
  • Auto chek-up for credit points plugin position in joomla plugins in order to work at its best
  • ....and many, really many other new features!

Read the Credit Points 3 manual to know more about it

The new Credit Points plugin was totally rewritten and now lets you to build a 100% Fotolia style webstore, in 30 minutes (see the demo). 


A complete, professional Credit System.

With credit points plugin and the reward points extension, your customers will be able to pay with credits and purchasing credits as in fotolia or iStockPhoto they would do! It can be used to sell media (music, photos, videos, templates, websites...) or as credits system to sell subscription services.

The Virtuemart Credit Points installs a Virtuemart payment plugin, a Virtuemart custom field for products, a Credit currency, a "save-cart" table in the db.

And more: the reward points extension (needed) lets you use bonuses also for credits, so Customers can earn bonus credits when buying credits or when purchasing other products.

Intelligent payment method showing.

It works as in fotolia or istockphoto where you buy medias only with credits. Customers purchase a quantity of credits and then the only way to buy medias are credits: not all payment methods: just credits, showing money payment when purchasing credits, and credits when purchasing regular products! 

Save the cart and merge with new ones!

This is a unique great feature! When you are in the cart and decide to buy new credits, it saves the cart and the module enable the option "Update cart with saved". If you press it, it simply reload the old cart. But if you still added some products to your cart before loading the old one, it merges the old cart with the new one, not replacing, and it keeps what you still put in. If quantity differs, it keeps the quantity you choose for your new cart and add all the other products saved in the cart. IT IS FANTASTIC!

Show credits account to your customers with the new module.

The reviewed module (that it's installed with the reward points extension) has now a template for Credits instead of Points, with the new "upgrade with last saved cart" option enabled.

Use can also be used as "simple" pay with points method.

Credit points can also be used as a "simple pay with points" method, shown beside the others, without forcing customers to pay only with credits.

Why credit points extension is so great?

Because it uses Virtuemart both for buy credits than for paying with credits, and it shows/hides the right payment methods in the cart. 

You simply create a product to buy credits (adding the "credit points" custom field). Customers decide how many points to purchase. You can also publish a product with "100 credits pack" with a lower price than the unit-credit product. Then - from Virtuemart - just setup payment with paypal (for example) to purchase credits, and credits (to purchase product). Then you prepare the "regular" product to sell in your store, simply put them in their own category (how many you want).

If setup to full Credit Points System, when users purchase credits, they can only choose from "money" payment. When purchasing products, they can only pay with credit points. (there's also an option to let them to choose any payment you want in the cart)

Read the Credit Points 3 manual to know more about it!

Example of Credit Points options (in the main Reward Points configuration)

credit points for virtuemart configuration


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