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Credit Points Virtuemart 2.x

Buy points and pay with points! Virtuemart Credit points for j2.5/vm2.x manages credit/subscription points as fotolia or istockphoto in Virtuemart 2! Required Reward Points for vm2.x, compatible with AlphaUserPoints

Sales price: 15,00 €

Required Joomla 1.7/2.5 - Virtuemart 2.x - Virtuemart Reward Points. You can buy it in 2 times: use the 3 registration points to get the Reward Points Extension and earn other 3 points from total amount. Then change them in a new 3€ chip and buy the credit points for 12€

Buy points, pay with points. Using regular Virtuemart payment methods and the new credit points, that auto-hides other methods depending on what you are purchasing: credits or regular products!


Virtuemart credit points extension manages a professional and logical credit points system in virtuemart 2. It needs Virtuemart Reward Points extension for vm 2 - the new version.

With credit points extension, your customers will be able to pay with points and purchasing credit points to purchase! Not as the "chips" of reward points, the credit points must pay all the amount of order. So it enables a real credit system or subscription currency points.

The Virtuemart Credit Points is a suite of a Virtuemart payment plugin, a Virtuemart custom product field and the enabler for Virtuemart Reward Points extension 2.

It installs a new Virtuemart Payment Method, the "Credit points". You can use it as you usually use paypal, autorize, etc. It installs a new product custom field, the "Credit Points". You can use it when creating a new product in Virtuemart, that you will call a "buy credit" product. Finally, it enables a new section in the administration setting of the Virtuemart Reward Points extension, as shown below.

Intelligent payment method showing.

It works as in fotolia or istockphoto where you buy image only with credits. You purchase a quantity of credits (there are also some promotional credit packs) and then the only way to buy images are credits: not all payment methods: just credits. In fact, what do you need more to setup a credit system? Showing money payment methods when purchasing credits, and just showing credits when purchasing regular products! 

Pay with points all order amount.

Credit points extension can also ...simply "pay with points" your order, as a regular Virtuemart payment method. So you can choose which order-status for a transaction successful or cancelled, and so it can even fire the reward points extension to give new points. And you can manage through all possible option.

Why our credit points extension is good for you?

Because it uses Virtuemart both for buy points than for paying with points. You simply publish a product with 1 credit points at your price. Pressing + or - in the product details page or in the browse page the customer decide how many points to purchase. You can also publish a product with 100 credits with a lower price than the unit-credit product. From the Virtuemart payment methods, you build all payments: from paypal, to credit cards, etc, and the credit points payment. When users purchase credits, they can only choose from all payment you created expect for the points. When they purchase regular products, they can only pay with credit points

You can separate the product "buy credits" from the other category, so users won't purchase them together and - if you can not - when a user try to buy credits during a normal purchasing, he pays with credit points, so regular product are purchased with credits and "credits purchased with regular product" simply remain the same (points spent equal to earned credits)

So: a platform to do everything. Joomla, Virtuemart, Reward Points and Credit Points.


Sunday, 29 September 2013
The best way to reedem points
Acebeda Marketing Interactivo
Monday, 07 January 2013
Awesome and an highly interesting product and this awesome website! Never input some feedback but now just could not resist.